Google services are currently down across the globe: Here’s an Alternative for uninterrupted services.

Something went wrong

Google services have gone down and are not available in many nations including some parts of India. Google Contacts, Docs, Drive, Gmail, YouTube, Google Classroom and other major services are down, prompting messages of Error in Europe and the US as well. Earlier last month the YouTube platform faced an outage and now has faced it again. However the google services are working well when opened in Incognito mode.

According to Downdetector, YouTube appears to have faced the brunt of the outage, with over 24,000 cases reported as of 5:42pm IST. Gmail, on the other hand, shows over 11,000 cases reported as of the same time. Google Drive and Google website shows over 400 and 15,000 reports, respectively, on Downdetector.

Upon opening the YouTube homepage, a ‘something went wrong’ message can be seen (as shown in the image). YouTube tweeted that the service is indeed facing issues and that it’s been looked at. Most of Google’s apps and services are facing the issue, including Calendar, Sheets, Meet, Classroom and Voice. The services are restoring slowly and will be okay in little time. if you want to watch YouTube then try reaching for the Incognito Mode, as services are available there.


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