Apple Watch 7 with blood sugar, pressure and Alcohol level monitoring sensors.

Apple Watch 6

The Apple Watch 7 is recently rumored to feature a blood sugar monitoring sensor. Apple has is surveying select customers and asking them about their daily habits with Apple watch. Though this does not fully indicate whether Apple will roll out blood sugar monitoring sensor in the next-gen Apple Watch 7, the company has had a trend of teasing upcoming developments via surveys. For example, Apple conducted surveys among select users regarding their chargers before they finally decided to remove chargers from their iPhone and Watch packages in the name of environment.

A recent report claims that the Apple Watch 7 will also let users monitor their blood pressure and alcohol level. A British start-up named Rockley Photonics will supply the sensors to Apple, which could be used in devices as early as 2022. The already existing Apple Watch models offer a ton of features such as a heart rate sensor, ECG, and SpO2 sensor. With the addition of new health sensors on their smartwatch, Apple is likely to beat the competitors like Samsung.

Well, don’t think Samsung never thought of this. Earlier this year, a report had said that the next Samsung Galaxy Watch might feature a blood sugar monitoring sensor. Samsung had developed a system for monitoring blood glucose levels using a method called Raman Spectroscopy in 2020. Raman spectroscopy is a process which repeatedly uses lasers to identify chemical composition of the blood and produce the results. During this year’s CES 2021, a smartwatch company, Quantum Operations had presented a prototype of their smartwatch with a blood glucose monitoring sensor which produced readings in 20 seconds. This was based on the Raman spectroscopy technology.

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