Google Pixel 6 with a Periscope sensor | Leaks ahead of launch

The Google Pixel 6 will have a periscope lens according to leaks. Nothing is official yet.

The Google Pixel lineup smartphones will see their new successor pretty soon. While the leaks last week revealed the spectacular and new design on the Google pixel smartphones, a new leak has revealed the camera lenses on Google Pixel 6.

Google Pixel 6 Pro

In the previously leaked images, the Google Pixel 6 had only 2 lenses and the Google Pixel 6 pro had 3 lenses. However, new leaks and images indicate a triple camera on the Google Pixel 6 as well. Of the four sensors in the image, the third from the left does look like a periscope lens. The fourth sensor (extreme right) is said to be a spectral/flicker sensor according to external sources.

Here’s the twitter post

“This Is What I Talked About Raven Aka Pixel 6 Pro’s (Ya Pixel 6 Pro Cause There Are Rumors Of That There’s No Pixel 5a or 5pro but can’t say 100% sure about it) Camera. In 2nd pic. It’s something Look Like Microphone Hole on upper of Flash Light But Not Sure What It is.”

— Mayur Gadhiya (@MayurGadhiya6) May 14, 2021

Also, the Pixel 6 series is expected to be powered by Google’s custom-made chip codenamed Whitechapel, manufactured by Samsung. The models are also expected to arrive with an under-display fingerprint reader. More rumors are expected to come with new details regarding the Google pixel 6 series.

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