Instagram users can now post from Desktop

Instagram is bringing a new feature to post from Desktop. Here's how you can post alternatively till then

Instagram, a social media mobile app is basically developed across and meant for mobile devices. However, the famous social media app doesn’t allow it’s users to post directly story or content form their Lap or PC.

Alternative method to post from PC

Users can still post from their PC using some tricks and hacks.

  • Open the Instagram page
  • Right click by keeping the cursor anywhere on the page.
  • Now select Inspect option at the bottom of the list.
  • A window with complex code appears.
  • Now click on the smartphone icon at the top left corner of the window
  • The Instagram page will now appear in a mobile layout. The website may not be looking proper, somewhat like this
  • Refresh the page and now the page looks almost the way it looks on any mobile device
  • At the bottom, would be a strap with a + icon at the center
  • Tapping on it will Let you post content form your PC.

Also, along with other people’s Instagram stories, you can see a button to ‘Add Story’. Tap on that and you can easily post your story.

Anyways, post the captions and images/videos carefully because you cannot edit your posts afterwards. You can either delete the post or leave it as it is.

The Good News

Instagram has announced that it will soon bring a feature to upload directly from your PC, just the way you can on Facebook.

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