Instagram Users May Soon Have To Verify Their Identities

Bots and other fraudulent accounts will no longer be able to take advantage of Instagram, thanks to some security measures proposed by the photo sharing social network. Instagram users that exhibit ‘potential inauthentic behaviour’ will soon be asked to verify their identities.

Instagram has made it clear that most users will not have to prove their identities and only accounts that seem suspicious will have to go through this verification process. These can include automated accounts or bot accounts and also those accounts whose followers are mostly from a country or location different from theirs. As per the new rules, those accounts suspected of fraudulent activity will have to submit a government approved ID card. If they fail to do it, their posts may be down-ranked in Instagram feeds or their accounts could be disabled.

The changes are part of Instagram’s attempt to fight misleading information ahead of the 2020 US polls. Facebook has also taken similar initiatives and now some people running very popular pages have to verify their identities to continue to be able to use the platform.

Instagram had faced serious criticism for its inability to prevent Russian interference in the 2016 US election. Obviously, the company does not want the same to repeat in 2020 and these changes are an attempt at preventing election meddling.

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