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Netflix is putting plans to bring a new feature to provide people with additional content with the launch of a new extended service called N-Plus. The service allows to watch “insider” content related to various movies and shows. 

For this, the popular OTT platform is conducting a survey to know if it’s users are interested in the additional service.

Netflix’s N-Plus service to launch soon

Netflix is conducting a survey and sending mails to some influencers to decide if the company needs to bring this new feature or not.

The survey reveals that the N-Plus service provides additional information t the users about Netflix shows and movies.

The content is expected to include text, image, and video feeds you can sign up for news, interviews, analysis, deep dives, games, how-tos, audience conversations, music, podcasts, and more.

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It is expected to be free of cost and will be a part of whichever subscription Netflix plan you have and even for people who aren’t subscribed.

Netflix N-Plus is similar to Amazon Prime Video X-Ray

The Netflix N-Plus looks inspired form Amazon’s X-ray feature on the Amazon prime video platform. Netflix’s rival, Amazon Prime Video comes with a ‘X-Ray’ feature that lets people access information about the actors in a show or movie and much more details. It is a great help while watching movies that are confusing or super fictional. X-ray provides explanation for most of the confusing scenes of the movies. It is a easy-to-use feature as well. The video player contains a X-Ray button at the top left which displays the information in a drop-down fashion.

Netflix’s N-Plus can try providing more exclusive additional content for customers who want to know more in case they couldn’t get over the show or movie that they just watched.

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