Samsung Galaxy M51 Camera Review | Do you need a DSLR

The Samsung Galaxy M51 is one of the best camera smartphones below Rs. 25,000. It has an amazing cost to camera performance. This phone is a very good choice for all photography freaks and social media addicts.

Well, finally the Samsung Galaxy M51 has launched with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor. Now, a better processor ought to feature better ISP also and thus amazing photos as well. Well, it all depends on the optimization of the device and luckily, the Galaxy M51 is very well optimized to gather the best out of the SoC.

Here, in this blog you will get to know about the Camera quality (photos and videos), some unique features, their applications and also about other alternatives to considr at this price.

Samsung Galaxy M51 camera Specifications

Rear Camera:- It boasts a quad camera set-up with a 64MP primary Sony IMX 682 sensor with 0.8µm pixel size and f/1.8 aperture. The focal length is 26mm (Wide) with the sensor size equal to 1/1.73″. There is a Ultra-wide angle lens in the rear as well which has the maximum FOV field of View, 123 degrees. The Ultra-wide angle is a 12MP sensor with a f/2.2 aperture lens. Also, instead of the 2MP depth and macro sensors, the Samsung Galaxy M51 camera module has a 5MP depth and Macro sensors, the result of which is prominent.

Front Camera:- There is a single 32MP f/2.0 selfie shooter at the front. The pixel size is 0.8µm and the focal length is 26mm as well. The sensor size is a bit small (1/2.8″) when compared to the rear sensor, which is usual.

How does this impact the Camera output quality?

Rear Cameras

Now, lets break all these technical terms one by one and understand if they help make the photo look good or are they inferior specs. The Quad Bayer Sony IMX 682 sensor is a great sensor at this price range and a slightly inferior variant of this (Sony IMX586) is seen on the OnePlus Nord. Samsung did a great job by replacing its ISOCELL sensor with Sony IMX. The sensor size is what decides the quality of the image and the Galaxy M51 has succeeded in that to an extent when compared to its competition.

Mega pixels increase the resolution of the image captured which helps improve the quality of cropped images. The 64MP rear camera can click awesome high-res shots and also have a considerably good image quality even after cropping. The pixel size, 0.8µm is not that great but is a standard one according to the price. Basically, greater pixel sizes help to have a better magnification, as seen in telephoto and periscope lenses. Greater the pixel size, the more closer the object can be shot on zooming. The f/1.8 aperture is the greatest aperture size at this price range (lesser the f stops greater is the aperture.)

The Ultra-wide angle lens has the maximum FOV seen in any smartphone, 123 degrees. As the primary purpose of an Ultra-wide angle lens is to capture the most area possible, the Galaxy M51 is great for Ultra-wide angle shots. The Aperture is a bit small, f/2.2 when compared to some other smartphones at this price (or lower). However, the images look amazing with very good dynamic range and also colors look amazingly well. After all, practical performance is more important than on-paper specs.

Though the quad camera set-up became a trend very soon ,the real sense of the the four cameras can only be felt in a few, namely the Samsung Galaxy M51. There is potentially no use of a 2MP depth sensor for portrait shots than not having a depth sensor at all. The same is the case with a 2MP macro sensor which does not do much to improve close-ups. But, the Galaxy M51 boasts a 5MP depth and macro sensors which somewhat justifies what the company calls the quad rear camera set-up.

Front Cameras

The front camera sensor is based on another Quad Bayer sensor, Sony IMX 616. Speaking on practicial erpformancce, the selfie camera is awesome too. Colors look great and also the details are good in the selfies. By default the selfies are stored in the 8MP format and has to be set manually to the 32MP for that extra pinch of detail. Light control is good and the background does not look blown out even in harsh light conditions. Portrait shots captured look really great with very good edge detection and also sharpness levels were good.

The smart selfie angle feaure on the Samsyung Galaxy M51 automatically switches between the wide and ultra-wide angle lens immediately when it senses too many subjects in the frame.

Rear Cameras detailed Review

Let’s begin with the 64MP primary sensor. The images captured are good with good dynamic range and light control. sharpness levels are good too and the colors are eye-pleasing.

This image over here gives an idea about the dynamic range of the Galaxy M51 cameras. The scene is very well captured and the colors look very good and balanced. The dynamic range is amazing.

This photo was shot turning off the HDR mode. As can be seen that the color of the sky is very well balanced with the color of the stream altogether making the picture beautiful. However, at the top right of the picture, it can be seen that the tree leaves are a bit blurred. Also, when the HDR mode is turned on the Dynamic range increase even further and the colors are boosted a bit.

As can be the seen that the photos are a bit saturated but do look great. The colors are boosted and the scene is altogether enhanced. If you are a person who loves to upload photos straight out of the camera without the use of much pro level editing software, then the Galaxy M51 camera can be a very good choice for you.

However, this trend is only seen when phots are captured in HDR mode. As can be seen form the first photo in the dynamic range test, the color of the sky looked close to natural when the HDR mode was turned off.

To test the sharpness levels of the images we shot a picture from a place where there were lots of texture on the walls and the lighting was not not sufficient either. But, to our surprise, the image looked good and bright with decent sharpening of the images. Over sharpening couldn’t be seen.

Here’s another shot r=taken during a sunset. The shadows are well preserved and the image does feel like it was taken during sunset. In many smartphones, we have seen that the shadows are masked at times and the scene is brightened which unintentionally takes the subject out of the context.

The edge detection on the selfie camera is great, though in this image the hair is a bit blurred. That’s due to the compression of the image. The real image has very good sharpness and edge detection.

However, the Samsung Galaxy M51 did a great job by keeping the dark regions dark and creating the essential contrast to highlight the monument in the scene. Details are good and the bricks at the bottom left of the foundation can be seen separately.

The Ultra-wide angle shots looked very good and the subject was also sharpened a bit. The color of the monument and the color of the grass look very good and the light is very well controlled too. The FOV (Field of View) being the maximum, the 12MP shots look great. Colors are close to natural.

Looking into the portrait shots, it can be very well seen that edge detection is great and the background in-between the leaves is properly blurred too. This is a really important aspect for a perfect portrait shot and the Galaxy M51’s depth sensor could identify and distinguish the subject (leaves) from the background very well.

The blur can be adjusted by the user according to his convenience before clicking the shot. Colors look very good and the dynamic range is also amazing. So, the 5MP depth sensor is really doing some job and is “real”.

Finally let’s look into the performance of the 5MPMacro camera sensor. In my opinion, it is good.

The minute color patterns on the individual petals of the flowers are very well displayed ad also the lines on the ant are brought out by the macro lens. The veins on the leaves are visible and also the flower pollens look great. There is no smoothening taking place and the colors brought out look natural too.

Now getting onto the last aspect of our rear camera review, lets look at some night shots captured form the Samsugn Galaxy M51. Surprisingly, the noise is sufficiently low and the water is very well lit too. The reflection of the monument in the dark water looks fantastic. While we shot this picture the sky had not turned completely black but the surroundings were really dark.

The light form the monument is very well controlled without over exposure. The Ultra-wide angle shots were far better than what we had expected. The noise is sufficiently low and also the field of view is superb. Colors look great and the shadows on the trees are preserved too, adding contrast to the shot.

Selfie Camera Detailed Review

This is what a standard selfie looks like form the Galaxy M51. All the images shown below are compressed and hence have lost some of the details from it. Photos captured by the user will look better than these camera samples.

Some Bonus Camera Samples: Samsung Galaxy M51

Beautiful Bokeh effect produced by the Samsung Galaxy M51.

Good Low-light Portraits

Good Dynamic Range

Amazing night mode camera samples (Ultra-wide angle)

Amazing Low-light Performance

Samung Galaxy M51 Camera Features

The Galaxy M51 comes with a wide array of unique Samsung software features like the Single Take and also the Pro mode which provides the user which many features to play with. You can adjust the temperature of the scene according to your taste. Tint, contrast, saturation, highlights, shadow, etc. can be controlled using this mode. Also, the UI shows which part of the scene is in focus by highlighting the objects in green color. The shutter speed can be controlled which is present in very few smartphones at this price range. The ISO range is pretty decent and standard one.

Bottom Line

The Samsung Galaxy M51 is a very good camera phone to buy if you are focusing at mid-range smartphones. Not, only he cameras the smartphone is a complete package with a very good display, a excellent processor; Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G, Android 10 (Update to Android 11) with OneUI 3.0 on top. Also, it is the first phone in India to launch with a 7000mAh battery. So it would never run out even if you wanted to. Combined with you photography skills, the Samsung Galaxy M51 can be a very good tool for photography. I would totally recommend this phone to anyone as the cost to performance ratio is very well balanced. The choice is yours. PEACE!!

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