What is Single Take and How to use it?

Single take is software based feature that was developed by Samsung and can be seen in the Galaxy S series. Nowadays, the single take feature can also be seen in some of the A series, M series and F series mobiles.

This feature is great and differentiates Samsung from other companies in terms of cameras. Imagine a situation where you want to capture a moment like Cake cutting ceremony, a birthday party or imagine that you want to capture a breath taking moment of a flying butterfly. In such situations the user might want to record the best shots possible and also record video. It would also be great if you could record the video with some special effects. In ordinary mobiles it will be very difficult for you to do so; however with “Single Take” all you need to do is to press the Single Take button and it will capture the moment for upto 10 seconds and display the most appropriate shots.

Samsung has claimed that the feature harnesses AI to display the best shots to the user. Press/Hold the Single Take button for some time and the camera will capture the moment and produce 10 different outputs (7 photos and 3 videos). The single take feature that is available in Galaxy S series smartphones will vary from the one that can be seen in Galaxy M series smartphones.

You will get a Black and White photo, 2 to 3 normal photo shot from different angles, a normal video, a slow-mo video, a hyperlapse video, a boomerang video and so on. Using the “Single Take” is fun. To get the most out of the feature try different angles while recording as the app suggests. This will help the AI to harness the best shots taken at different angles.

How to use this Cool Feature

  • Open the Camera app.
  • You can see many modes just above the shutter button. At the extreme left side would be the Single Take button. Tap on it or slide through different modes to it.
  • Once you are there, tap/hold the shutter button and take a video. Remember that to get the best results you must keep the lens moving or record videos of moving objects. This will help the AI of the device to capture shots from different angles which will be great.
  • You can choose how much time you want to record. The more the time(say 30 seconds) more will be the opportunities that the software has to create.
  • After you are done, go to the Gallery and click on any one photo that has been just shot using Single Take. On tapping on the photo, the software will display many photos, short videos, some gif like animated stuff and many more under the specific photo.
  • You can choose from the list the photos/videos that you want and delete the rest as well.

The outputs are very easy to share just like any other file on your gallery. This is what makes the “Single Take” feature great. You can share it with your friends or on social media without any difficulties.

So, now you are ready to use Single Take and capture beautiful and exciting moments with ease. The quality of the output depends on your creativity. Think creatively and the results can amaze you.

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