Xiaomi Mi 11 receives MIUI 12.5 updates in Europe

The Mi 11 smartphones in Europe are getting the latest MIUI 12.5 updates with some good features and improvements. The promises from the company are high.

Xiaomi had mentioned in February that the MIUI 12.5 would be available in the global versions of their smartphones by the ,month of April or May. The first one on the list was the Mi 11, and gladly Xiaomi has kept their promise and Mi 11 devices are receiving software updates in Europe. In China, the MIUI 12.5 update was rolled out last month.

The company has made a bold promise and used three words “FASTER, LIGHTER” and DURABLE. I really don’t know how these UIs degrade. Xiaomi promises that any smartphone becomes faster after the upgrade which is great news because most of its customers are now complaining about the degrading performance of their smartphones after the updates.

Users have complained that the UI becomes sluggish and slow after the update. In a way, many customers are feeling that the MIUI updates degrade their phone’s UI. Now I get why Xiaomi has used the word “DURABLE” in their promise.

Things to expect from the Update

  • Notes app is receiving support for mind maps with complex structures.
  • New tools for doodling and sketching
  • Gesture shortcut for creating notes, tasks and excerpts.
  • Dynamic layouts which bring take the typography of the notes to the next level.

The update costs 656MB of space from your device. The update is rolled out in stages and it will take some time for all the Mi 11 smartphones in Europe to get the update. Other regions, including India will receive the update after that.

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